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Child Research

We care about children. We take care to conduct online research in a kid-friendly manner. We apply our knowledge of the children's market to implementing effective and appropriate online procedures. We design our online child research procedures not only from a researcher's viewpoint, but, also, from a child's viewpoint. With the proper approach, kids can offer a wealth of information but research must be conducted in a sensitive and appropriate way. Children can be aided to provide sophisticated response with careful presentation and use of helpful, effective techniques, to facilitate their understanding and ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings.  A properly designed online survey makes answering the questions interesting for the child, involves them in the interview and helps to overcome shyness, nervousness and "test anxieties".

Touchstone has developed a powerful and highly sophisticated proprietary database that provides compliance with privacy and other online regulations and laws while permitting a personal and individualized experience for child participants and other family members. We follow special procedures to protect the privacy of the child, obtain parental consent, verify recruitment qualifications, adhere to laws and regulations and enhance the security of our clients. Touchstone is committed to quality assurance through good panel/community management and is comtvmitted to making participation in a panel/community a positive one for kids and families.

COOL KIDS/HOT STUFF  - Informative and entertaining "kid-culture" reports. Gain insight into childrens choices, preferences, tastes, interests, and behaviors in key categories and lifestyle areas and look to the future to anticipate new opportunities.

Take a peak at some of our youth research techniques below:

We are the most experienced firm in managing youth research panels/communities and the best at it. Without question:

  • No one has more experience in online research.
  • No one has anywhere near our experience with youth research panels/communities—we have managed a variety of online youth research panels/communities (kids and families) for over 10 years on behalf some of the World’s most highly regarded companies serving the youth market.
  • No other firm has the unique combination of online research experience and capabilities together with a solid expertise in youth research.
  • Custom Survey Layout Design

    We can build you a custom survey layout from scratch or incorporate any graphics, branding, or additional content into our youth friendly survey designs with ease.
  • Drag & Drop

    Custom Flash Question Types: Drag & Drop

    Our survey design capabilities allow us to create highly customized kid-friendly drag and drop survey question types to meet your research needs.
  • Drag & Drop Ranking

    Custom Survey Question Design: Drag & Drop Ranking

    Enhance standard ranking question types with custom drag & drop designs
  • Product Lab

    Custom Survey Question Design: Product Lab

    Test Products, concepts, and more with custom product research labs.
  • Custom Survey Question Types: Green Pen Concept Testing

    Have a cool idea for a concept testing? Let us build it for you or come up with a custom research design methodology.
  • Magnifying Glass

    Custom Survey Question Types: Magnifying Glass

    Have an idea for a survey question type? Let us build if for you!
  • Flash Questions with Media Types

    Add graphics and other rich media to your surveys or let us build you custom interactive survey question types to meet your research needs.
  • Flash Question Types

    Flash Survey Question Types

    Enhance your surveys with custom flash survey question types.
  • Secure Streaming Media

    Secure Streaming Media

    Protect your videos, audio, images, concepts, and advertisement from downloading, pirating or remote referencing. We utilize the most secure survey content security software available.
  • Slider Scales

    Slider Scales

    We can design virtually any custom slider scale you wish to meet your research needs.
  • Custom Flash Question Types: Magnetic Poetry